beatrice hamilton jewels gold silver Born in Paris and raised in both Paris and Biarritz, in the south of France.

Beatrice's work expresses the sophistication of the urban woman with the free movement, light and natural materials of her traveling life.
Beatrice  spent  in her early career nine years as a designer for Pierre Cardin and she also created a line of women's clothing for Sweden and Brazil.
Beatrice is married to Count  Michael Hamilton from Stockholm and have two children Nikolaus and Filippa. Continuously to be inspired by colors and different cultures in her adventurous world travels she finally in 2009 started her own jewelry line. It is her taste and passion for fashion that drove her to start this exclusive line.
The  collection features small gold and silver bars shaped with astrological signs, Indian divinity and  protective symbols,  using gold, silver and diamonds.
Delicate leather cord attaches to the wrist or neck and adjusts with tiny gold or silver tassels.

The look is Unique yet Simple, Timeless and always Chic.

Lady H. jewelry is exclusively for the contemporary woman with a sophisticated fashion sense and a refined artistic sensibility.

It's for You
It's for Ever
You are Unique
Wear it, Love it
In all Occasions


Filippa, her daughter "Top model" was the first to wear the line.
Since 2012 she join her mother and brought a new ring collection.